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  • Adjustable handle, portable design -- This cup is designed to let people drink a hot drink, portable coffee cup, wherever they go, wherever they go. The shape is also designed with a hot drink cup. The handle can also be flexibly adjusted.

  • Insulation cup effect design -- double insulation, heat preservation for eight hours, refrigeration for twelve hours. It can achieve the desired insulation effect, while avoiding the high temperature burns during contact.Make it easy to grab. (No need for a straw, With a Closable clasp)

  • Material safety, rest assured -- food grade stainless steel and food grade PP raw materials. Maximize the safety of the product, non-toxic, no odor, absolutely harmless to the human body. The surface is smooth, safe and environmentally friendly. Absolutely the first choice for consumption.

  • Wide mouth design -- the cup body does not fall when lifted -- 85mm large-diameter bottle, the cup mouth is widened, and the fastening force is stronger, so that the cup lid and the cup body are tightly fastened, and the sealing performance is good, leakproof and shockproof. (wide mouth design : It is ergonomic and more comfortable when gripping). The gift brush can also be used to clean the wide mouth cup more conveniently.

  • Wide range of uses -- The shape of the cup is fashionable. When the holiday arrives, it can be given as a gift to relatives and friends. Friendship is considerate and can be used daily, in homes, offices, cars, travel, restaurants and other places. High-quality materials, intimate design, only for the best products.

  • Colour:Gradient Gold

    【How to use the thermos cup】:
    1, boiled water or tea in the cup for a few minutes after drinking, the effect is better
    2. Before going to bed at night, pour boiled water into the cup. The next day, the health care effect is very good.
    3, before use, pour a small amount of boiling water or ice water for pre-cooling or pre-heating, then pour off the water and pour boiling water or cold water to improve the insulation effect.
    4. When the lid is open, please rotate it counterclockwise. When it is closed, rotate clockwise in the main direction.
    5. After the product is filled with boiling water or ice water, the lid must be tightened to prevent the product from being damaged or slanted or tilted, causing burns or soiling due to leakage or overflow of water.
    6.When filling water, the water content should not be too full, otherwise it will cause the water to overflow when the lid is tightened.

    Use range: hot drinks and cold drinks (only you don't want to drink,without can't be poured)
    Product Name: Portable Insulation Coffee Cup
    Product weight: 0.77 IB/350g (cup + brush)
    Product capacity: 18 oz / 500 ml
    Material: stainless steel + PP
    Color: pink, gradient gold (optional in two colors)
    Packing size: 3.7*3.7*7.0 inch / 95*95*180(mm)
    The product contains:
    a cup
    a cup cleaning brush (pink)

    【cleaning method】:
    1. The lid is made of non-toxic plastic. Do not use high temperature disinfection to avoid deformation.
    2. the surface of the cup is cleaned, as long as the soft cloth is dampened with warm water, the diluted food cleaning agent is dried and wiped.
    3. inside the cleaning cup, must be wiped with a soft sponge, cloth brush, wipe the liner to keep the liner dry.

    Coffee Cup Portable Coffee Cup Coffee Cup Stainless Steel Mug Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Cup Wide Mouth Coffee Cup Portable Home Travel Gift Fashion Style 18OZ(Gift Brush&Gradient Gold) - B07H13TQM4

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