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  • Paper Tea Filter, ideal for brewing a cup of tea

  • White aromatreu paper, chlorine-free bleached and biodegradable

  • Free from adhesives

  • Double Base folds: Tea Leaves and aroma can fully develop

  • Handy filling tab for ease filling

  • FSC certified

  • 100 pieces/box

  • Tea Filter Basket Give The Tea Leaves thanks to its double base folds have enough room, the complete aroma and much more. They can be used with or without a filter holder. The use of an appropriate holder, such as CLICK, clips, top or stick is not only practical, but also a visual highlight. From the Basket Used Paper is Aromatreu and is made from biodegradable cellulose and manila hemp.

    Box Contains

    100 x tea filters for cups and tea glasses

    Finum 60/420.57.00 Tea of 100 Extra Small - B0015MBOZM

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