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  • 450ml Capacity for 1-2 Cups

  • Heat-resistant glass teapot

  • Practical capacity 450 ml / full capacity 520 ml

  • Size Width 155 mm × depth 118 mm × height 95 mm / caliber 94 mm / weight: 330 g

  • Made in Japan

  • It is teapot tea pot made of heat resistant glass which color and odor are hard to change. Design which can be used regardless of Japanese tea, Chinese tea, tea, herbal tea and any kind of tea. Both the body and lid are made of glass and transparent, so the color of tea will be pleasing with the eyes. If you remove the tea leaves you can also warm up with a microwave. The tea leaves are easy to spread, with a large tea ceremony, the lid knob is a round shape that is easy to hold. 【HARIO】 Founding 1921. It is a heat-resistant glass manufacturer with the only factory in Japan, which is consistently planning, manufacturing and selling heat-resistant glass since its inception. Manufacture and sale of physicochemical products at the time of establishment. After the war, utilizing the characteristics of heat-resistant glass and glass processing technology cultivated in physics and chemistry, we began making coffee siphon and advanced into the field of household products. Currently we are developing a wide variety of items including aroma and pet supplies from coffee-related instruments, tea-related instruments such as tea, Japanese tea and herb tea, kitchenware such as microwave cooker. For industrial glasses, we have also advanced to the field of automotive illumination lenses since the 1980s. HARIO. That is the king of glass "Harryoe" (Harutoro). Using excellent glass and heat-resistant glass produced by the 20th century, we have delivered living-friendly colors and new wealth. From now on, we will continue to provide products with even more dreams in the 21st century with the motto of truthfulness and comfort.

    Box Contains

    Teapot with stainless steel infuser

    Hario Chacha-Maru 450ml Glass Teapot with Stainless Infuser CHJMN-45T from Japan - B0006HINDI

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