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  • Contents: 200 ml size 7.9 cm x 10 cm

  • The perfect size for a cappuccino, Black Tea or even for a dessert make it amazing

  • Suitable for use in the fridge, freezer, microwave and oven - Thermal Resistance tent by 260 °C to -18 °C;

  • Easy to clean thanks to specially glazed surface - Dishwasher safe

  • Stoneware - scratch and cut proof, stain and acid resistant, odourless and neutral in taste

  • 'Le Creuset Stoneware Series,, The famous manufacturer of cast iron cookware by of the highest quality, offers an extensive range of, Ofenfestes Ceramic, The wide range of uses and is of the highest requirements around the theme of cooking, baking, preparing, serving and storing. The high-quality, resilient material never fails to impress due to its quality and have a long service life. Individuality and colourful lifestyle is guaranteed with this product range.A special breakfast range rounds off this product line. Who wouldn't enjoy you can breakfast for a better start to the day. Some Sparkle but with colourful Le Creuset products around the theme of "Breakfast" your coffee morning, your tea table or the morning breakfast table.Three good reasons for a Le Creuset Poterie Product To Decide: Versatile: temperature-resistant from 260 °C to -18 °C: Suitable for use in the fridge, freezer, microwave, oven or grill can be used (not on the hob), ideal for stylish serving and Sachgerechten storage – Suitable for marinating, ideal for baking and gratinating (even heat dispersal provides excellent baking results), wide variety of colours for table and kitchen. Practical: scratch- and cut-proof and resistant to acid and stain resistant, won't absorb any smells or flavours, very easy to clean thanks to the special glazed, dishwasher-safe. Resistant: Highly durable for everyday use, 5 Year Warranty and enjoyable cooking. 'The following le creuset Poterie products are available on the topic of "Cup of Coffee: Espressota, SSE with Unterta SSE (set of 2): Streamlined, brackets, Ssische Espressota SSE with Unterta SSE For Fine Cup makes a great gift set of 2 each with 100 ml content Cappuccinota, SSE with Unterta SSE (set of 2): Streamlined, brackets, Ssische Cappuccino, or Kaffeeta SSE with Unterta SSE For Fine Coffee Enjoyment superb Gift Set of 2 Each with 0.2 l content: cups can be used hot or cold liquid for all types great gift idea Available in two sizes, small With 100 ml and large with 350 ml Spoons (set of 4): Attractive and colourful tea or coffee spoon set of 4 ceramic hole on the handle for hanging Milk Jug: KLA – Ssisches milk jug with large FA-Ssungsvermögen (to Biespiel to froth milk) 0.35 l capacity Sugar Bowl: KLA – Ssische Sugar Bowl 0.3 l capacity plate, 18 cm (L x W x H): An attractive and colourful (breakfast) plate size: 18 cm Decorative Maslin Pan to serve and store lots of brilliant jellies Maslin Pan including Jam Spoon with removable silicone head and wooden handle makes a great gift 0.4 l Contents Honey Set: Decorative Honey Set to serve and store honey includes Honey Spoon with removable silicone head and wooden handle Great gift idea 0.4 litre capacity saltSet of Salt and Pepper Shaker Set Product: Decorative pots Easy to fill with large bottom slides open small in 9 cm (3.5 inch) Height with practical handles or large available in 12 cm height without handles: Dessert Bowl can be used as a cereal bowl, dessert bowl for desserts, salads or for Biespiel For Serving Small Treats available in 2 sizes: Small with 0.4 l capacity and large with 1.25 L capacity egg cup set of 2: KLA Ssische egg cup in Set of 2 can also be used used just as a dip bowl tea or coffee canister: beautifully shaped and colourful tea or coffee box tea caddy with 0.8 l capacity coffee tin with 1.5 L capacity coffee maker: An attractive and colourful coffee maker for enjoyment of coffee in an instant Just Coffee Powder in the pot, fill with hot with knife pour over and quickly draw la kit and then put on the lid with filter and push down – you're done. 1 L content: Pot for decorative serving tea and coffee makes a great gift Available in 2 shape: Round as well as brackets Ssische tall tea pot or as a coffee pot each with 1.3 l capacity Tea for 2 Set: Set of two Cups and teapot attractive decorative jug for tea makes a great gift for a safe handling and serving of hot and cold drinks or as a decoration object (Biespiel as a flower vase) available as a milk jug with 0.6 l capacity or as a large juice jug with 2.1 L capacity.

    Le Creuset Stoneware Mug 200 ml 7.9 cm Cassis - B077N7MGXZ

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