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  • As well as being a kettle, this product makes tea perfectly and automatically - an essential appliance for True tea lovers

  • Saver than a stove top kettle, faster than a microwave

  • Removable glass carafe allowing to use the kettle directly for serving the tea

  • Tempered glass body with 1 litre maximum capacity - equivalent of approximately 8 cups

  • The hot water vaporizes and thus rises through the tube; at the top it is released within the basket, allowing the tea to infuse

  • Every home needs the perfect kettle to get from breakfast through to brunch because there's nothing quite like a cup of tea brewed to your exact taste, whether to kick start your morning, as a break during the day or relax or to unwind in the evening. As well as being a kettle, this product makes tea perfectly. The TKG tkb 1023.1 offers you a sleek, modern and stylish design. The compact unit with unique water-vaporisation-technology ensures making the perfect cup of tea every time has never been easier. The water within the glass jug vaporizes and goes up inside the tube. It is then released within the tea basket, allowing the leaves to infuse. This action is repeated a number of times. Your brew stays warm for up to 20 minutes--the perfect amount of time for a tea break. The removable filter means easy cleaning and no need to purchase expensive replacements, so you can get the most out of your tea maker with minimum effort and expense.

    Box Contains

    1 x Electric Tea Maker TKG TKB 1023.1
    Cleaning Brush
    instruction manual

    Team Kalorik Electric Teapot TKG TKB 1023.1-for Perfect Aromatic Tea 600 W 1 Liter - B078H7ZHYG

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